Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pharmaceuticals of the Undead

So, I live near one of the (if not THE) counties in the country with an drug problem.  Its opiates and it is a problem.  In my opinion, not because it is killing people.  I do believe that addiction is a mental health problem and that addictive personalities need help, but I also believe people need to not try drugs in the first place so they don't get addicted.  I believe that while the second, third, or fourth time you use is not a choice, the first time is.  People make bad choices I know and while people are born with tendencies, that initial exposure is indeed a bad choice.  Anyway, the problem I have is Narcan.  I have a real problem with this life saving drug.  Not because it saves lives of people but because it is used so easily.  Someone ODs, cops bring them back with Narcan.  There are businesses in the urban area of the county next door who are having people OD in their parking lots numerous times a day because they know they will be found, the cops will be called, and they'll be saved thanks to Narcan.  I'm not saying these people don't deserve to live.  I am not God.  It is not my place to judge.  The problem I have is that if you have cancer and no insurance or limited finances to pay co-pays, cops don't show up at your house with cancer fighting meds.  Little kids with peanut allergies and other allergies can't get Epi-pens because they are upwards of four hundred dollars but Narcan is free?  What about inhalers and other medications that are required for life due to a disorder that someone is born with not a bad choice someone makes.  It is almost like rewarding people for ODing.  I just can't wrap my mind around it.  And don't even get me started on zombies.  Has no one noticed that these people OD and are brought back to life through the use of Narcan?  People are BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE!!!  They are zombies people!  ZOMBIES!  How long before those who have been saved with Narcan start craving brains?  AND NOBODY NOTICES THIS???  Whatever.  Keep using your Narcan.  I'll be stocking up on treadmills to surround my house with so the zombies won't get me.  Nothing like watching zombies fly off the back of a treadmill instead of crashing through my windows to entertain the masses.  So when the zombies, who are already living among us, come to get you, come to my house.  We'll be safe.  I even have an Epi-pen, an inhaler, HBP meds and psych meds - just no Narcan ;)