Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's Do Lunch

Lunch is such a difficult meal.  Its shoved there in the middle of the day and isn't really designated any importance.  Compared to breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and dinner, the main meal of the day, what is there left to define lunch.  Nothing.  Poor lunch.  It has to be packed up in a sack or prepared in a cafeteria.  There is little hope for it.  I sit here now eating lunch - a cucumber and white cheddar sandwich on a bagel - a holdover from my days spent living in England.  It is yummy but like most lunches I end up with it is the only thing we pretty much had in the kitchen that wasn't breakfast or dinner worthy.  I often times skip breakfast when I am home just so that I can eat breakfast for lunch and make it a bit more exciting.  Breakfast is much more interesting.  You have your hot foods - eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes, even oatmeal - and then there's the always favorite standby cereal with choices ranging from fiber infused flakes to sugar loaded stars and moons.  Not to mention all of the continental breakfast items.  Dinner is a family staple - meat and potato combos or ethnic cuisine.  Dinner is where we all get together and share what has happened during the day.  Lunch is usually eaten at someone's desk or in the car while on the run.  It is an afterthought - thrown together in the morning or eaten out within ridiculous time restrictions while being accompanied by a side of guilt for spending the money on something you could have brought from home.  Either way, lunch is difficult.  It is the middle child of the meal world.  Overlooked and forgotten.  I wish I could come up with a way to save this long lost dining experience.  A way to make it better but I can't.  I struggle with what to eat for lunch nearly every day.  And now my cucumber and cheese sandwich is done.  That was it.  A cucumber and cheese sandwich.  No chips.  No side items.  Just a lonely cucumber and cheese sandwich.  I think I'm actually still hungry.  Thank goodness dinner is early tonight.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crouching Tiger, Smiling Fish

Well, I survived another business trip.  Yes, Hubby went away again last week and left me alone with the virally infectious one known as our kid.  I thought between school and color guard rehearsal, I would be facing three days of solitary confinement.  Instead, I had a buddy all the whole time.  She planted herself on the couch and I planted myself in the chair next to it and we sat.  I only went out to get take away food.  It was kind of nice but by the time that Hubby got back I was itching to go somewhere and dying to shop.  So today we went to the Pandora store so I could get my latest addition to my my-husband-goes-away-on-business-and-I-have-to-run-the-show-alone bracelet.  I went with a list of ten possibilities and walked away with number ten on my list.  I always do that.  I think I'm going to get a certain bead and then when I get there those notions go completely out the window and I choose something off the wall that I wasn't really even considering.  Today I walked away happy with "The Happy Fish".  In an effort to get The Kid out of the house for more than ten minutes, we also went to the store to find a top to go with a skirt that I was saving to wear to a friend's wedding next month.  After searching the entire store, I was taking something over to the window to look at it against the skirt in the natural light when I noticed - the skirt had snags on it!  Just my luck!  So I had to scrap that idea and just buy a whole new outfit instead.  Poor me.  I love the outfit I got.  I wish I could wear it tomorrow but they might think I'm a little overdressed for a college admissions visit.  Yes, another Monday, another college.  That's the way we roll in this house these days.  Got to get them all in before Hubby takes his next business trip.  You know.  The trip of which we do not speak.  The trip to Hawaii.  Maybe The Kid can stay healthy for the next trip.  My luck I'll be the one to get sick.  Or maybe it'll be Hubby and he won't be able to go to Hawaii.  Wouldn't that be a shame.  <evil grin>  I guess I shouldn't complain or wish bad things on anyone.  I should just smile and be a Happy Fish.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahhhhh - Freak Out

Last night, we spent the late evening/night at everyone's favorite place - the local emergency room.  See our daughter has had a fever since Sunday evening and it spiked to 104 degrees.  We called the nurse line through our healthcare plan and she told us what any good healthcare employee would tell us - call the doc on call, then try to find an urgent care, but go to the hospital if absolutely necessary.  After calling the urgent care and having them tell us to go straight to the ER, we obediently went straight to the ER.  Wow.  What a diverse group of people the ER houses in the middle of the night.  There were numerous people who looked "ok" to me only to magically start coughing or limping when its their turn to go back to a room.  Then in walked my favorite patient of the night, an old man who couldn't hear and didn't want to wait his turn.  After trying (actually sobbing) to convince the registration person that all he needed was a breathing treatment, he proclaimed loudly that he was dying.  Yup, that's right, dying.  He was gonna die right there if they didn't help him right away.  He went on and on like this for about ten or fifteen minutes before finally giving up and heading to the waiting room.  But he didn't stop there, no, he proceeded out into the hall just beyond the waiting area and PULLED OUT A CIGARETTE!  He needs a breathing treatment or he's gonna die and when they ask him to wait he goes for a smoke!  I couldn't believe my eyes.  He headed outside to puff away and even missed his name being called for triage.  What are some of these people thinking?  Are they thinking at all?  Turns out the kid is ok.  Just a viral thing but of course there's nothing they can do for her but say "You have a virus.  Go home and rest."  Maybe she got it spinning her flag in the freezing cold on Friday night.  Maybe she got it in the misty cold rain at the zoo on Saturday.  Maybe she got it at school.  Who knows.  All I know is that I like people watching just as much as the next person but the ER in the middle of the night is creeps on parade and should be avoided if at all possible.  And to top it all off when we went to pay, they seemed confused and disoriented.  What?  Someone wants to voluntarily pay thir hospital bill?  Their reaction tells me Smokey the Bear and his freak show friends won't be doing that anytime soon. Why is it only the wackos seem to get sick and injured nocturnally?  I guess I shouldn't talk, I was there too.  Wonder what they thought of me - the freak with the health insurance?