Monday, April 30, 2012

The Resignation

I did it!  I officially resigned from my job!
Oh and here was my resignation letter -

I don’t know how to say this, I don’t know how it’s done
But I’m concerned I’ve run my course, this job just isn’t fun 

It was one time way in the past a ministry I thought
But now it’s become frustrating – a ministry it’s not

And so I go in hopes of finding more out there for me
It won’t be hard to fill the office spot I bet you’ll see

I’m giving you my notice, two weeks until I’m done
I want the church to know at times it really was quite fun

But lately things are tough with those overstepping the lines
And venturing to tasks not theirs, to tell the truth they’re mine

As well as folks who volunteered deciding that they’re through
So I’ve been told their jobs fall to me which is not fair if true

And so it is with a sad heart you will not see my name
On the back of the bulletin anymore, the job just isn’t the same

As it was when I started long ago, way back when
So I will be no longer here officially as of May 10

I will miss some of you and wish you well along your way
But due to certain instances I can no longer stay

So good-bye, farewell, see you around and all those other things
It feels so good to finally be spreading out my wings

I feel bad even as I type this and am really on my way out
But before I leave I just have to say I will not miss the Scouts

Friday, April 27, 2012


A friend of mine was telling me a story the other day of his most recent trip to the post office.  He said that there was a line of eight or nine people (when isn't there).  The postal employee called the next customer in line and the woman walked to the counter.  The customer needed one hundred sheets of stamps.  Yeah, you heard that right, one hundred sheets of stamps.  No problem right?  Wrong.  This is the post office.  Things are not supposed to be smooth and easy - let alone quick.  You would think that the employee would punch in the number 100 and then scan a sheet of stamps.  But that's out in the real world.  This was the postal realm where things are not as they should be.  No, the employee begins to scan each individual sheet of stamps INDIVIDUALLY!  After she had scanned in about twenty individual sheets of stamps, the line of people waiting began to get antsy and aggitated.  Noticing this, the postal employee stopped what she was doing and explained to the line that she had to do the transaction this way because if she did it the other way, the transaction was would be too quick.  Then when they do their studies of postal productivity, it would show how fast they were capable of going and the excess slack at the post office would be cut if not needed.  Yeah, you heard that right as well, the postal employee was telling them that she had to go as slow as possible in order for all the people at the post office to keep their jobs.  Are you kidding me?  I mean, we all knew they were slow but admitting it outright to customers.  That just takes the cake.  Nothing like a governement agency that is boasting about their inefficiency.  They are a monetary drain and a financial liability.  Instead of wanting to be productive and show their worth, they are determined to ban together in an inefficient union to protect each other.  Screw the mail and their customers.  The post office is slowly becoming obselete but at least they are consistent and becoming obselete slowly like everything else they do.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've Been Committed Before, Literally, So Why Can't I Commit Now

Today, I did it.  Well, I kind of did it.  Ok, so I didn't really do it, I kind of wimped out again.  See, I'm trying to quit my job.  I want to quit my job.  I need to quit my job.  But I can't seem to commit to quitting my job.  Which is funny because most people would consider the act of having the job the commitment and the quitting of the job more of a lack of commitment.  But I just can't seem to put in my two weeks notice.  Today, I told my boss that I was 95% sure that I would be submitting my resignation before my next work day which is Tuesday.  That was about as sure of it as I could get in the moment.  I honestly don't know what they are going to do if (when) I leave.  There is no continuity book.  I offered to make one for them years ago but I told them I would need more hours or pay and they said no thanks.  Its not that I think so highly of myself that I think they can't function without me.  I just do stuff in the office that nobody else does which means nobody else will know how to do them once I leave.  My big fear in quitting is that I just hermit myself away from society and do nothing which I really feel I am prone to do but I am committed to making an effort for this not to happen.  I scheduled to go to a Suburbia Women's League meeting next week and may join that group.  I also thought about volunteering at the local public library since I love books or maybe even getting another job.  I'm not opposed to working.  I just feel that after eight years at the same place I need a change.  I've become stagnant.  Its that stubborn Taurusian trait that haunts me.  I get into a place and I don't want things to change.  If there was a tsunami coming, I wouldn't move my beach chair.  What I need to realize is that change can be good, change can be liberating and change is inevitable.  So why not choose to quit while I have the control to quit rather than waiting for them to run out of money, as so many non-profits do, to pay me.  I'll be interested to see if they replace me or just have volunteers do my job.  That would be funny.  I really don't think that they realize what all I did there.  Yeah, sometimes I felt like a monkey could do my job but there are plenty of times where things get beyond the zoo animals and take some thought and strategy.  I'd like to see any one of the people in that organization who are my "customers" put up with their fellow "customers".  It wouldn't last long and it wouldn't be pretty.  So I'm adding to the blog description.  Not only is it a blog about a girl trying to lose weight and find a new therapist, but also one who is quitting her job and revamping her life.  Maybe I should change the name of my blog from "My Thoughful Spot" to "My Mid-Life Crisis".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Warning: May Contain Nuts

I just finished breakfast.  It was good.  It was this cereal that I had bought a week or so ago.  Its called "Nutty Nuggets".  Its the Kroger brand of "Grape Nuts".  The thing that strikes me as so funny about this cereal is that there are no nuts in it.  New Nutty Nuggets - does not contain actual nuts.  Lol!  I guess its a good thing considering if it had nuts in it I would most likely be on my way to the ER due to an allergic reaction.  But it got me thinking, in today's world, nothing is guaranteed to be what it actually claims to be.  Last night I was talking to a girl that I met on a social networking site.  She seemed nice enough but as we talked her story was a bit fishy.  Things just weren't adding up.  Then, I got a message from another friend warning me that the same girl with the same stunningly beautiful pictures and some of the same information had been a friend of hers previously and turned out to be some dude.  So unfortunately after a little more talking and a little more suspicion (and her trying to "surprise me" by guessing my phone number after googling me - don't worry, she got it wrong), I unfriended this "girl".  She kept sending me messages asking why I did it so in the end I had to block her from my account completely.  I felt bad but at the same time I felt stupid and violated.  If she was a dude (and a foreign dude at that - "she" said she was "not well versed in the internet" - who talks like that in America?), how are you supposed to know?  And if she was legit, she lost out because of people who pose as someone they are not and cause us all to be suspicious of each other.  We are all way more vulnerable than we know out there in cyberland.  Hubby said I was right to do what I did.  He said (and I believe him due to the field of work he is in) that not only do creepers and pedophiles lurk out there on the social networking sites but also terrorists looking to get any information they can.  All it takes is an email address and some fake pictures.  Easy peasy lemon-squeezy!  It is a scary world we live in I tell you.  Maybe I should set my own account to the restrictive privacy settings that I have on my daughter's account.  There may be no nuts in my cereal but that's just because they are all on the social networking sites!

Monday, April 9, 2012

From Talking to Stalking in Five Easy Calls

Ok.  Here's the deal.  Remember that therapist that I was seeing.  Well, she called.  Then she called again.  Then she called another time.  Then she called this past Friday.  Then she called this morning.  She is just not getting the hint.  Actually, its not just a hint.  Its what is obvious.  I am not calling her back therefore I am not interested in seeing her any more.  End of story.  Stop calling.  At this point what she is doing constitutes harassment and if she calls me again I will categorize her as a stalker.  I am glad that I didn't stay with her as a therapist and establish any type of relationship beyond the initial few meetings.  If she thinks I owe her after just those few meetings, I'd hate to see what she feels about her actual patients.  I owe her nothing.  She keeps saying she wants to know what my plans are.  My plans are not to call her back and to get on with my life.  I have a new therapist and I am happy with her so far and even if I was thinking of coming back to you, your relentless calling would have stifled that idea.  Can you say creepy?  That's what I am living through at the moment.  She is going out of town tomorrow so I may call her answering service and leave a nice blunt message with them that she cannot misinterpret.  But then again, I don't feel I owe her anything.  I don't have to explain my plans or intentions to her.  I am not coming to see her anymore.  What else is there to understand?  Whatever.  We are on our way in a few minutes to go to the back to discuss student loans and parent loans for that matter.  I'm not looking forward to this but it has to be done if we are going to finance our daughter's education.  Actually, if I take the money that the stalker ex-therapist wanted me to spend seeing her weekly and put that money toward my daughter's education, I may get it paid off sooner than I thought.  Here's hoping.  Everyone wish me luck and send me a dollar :)  lol