Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Putting the Fun Back in Funeral

I know that it may be morbid, but often times I wonder - Would anyone come to my funeral if I died today?  Funerals upset me and not just because someone has died but because they are sterile and generic.  Maybe the family chooses some readings and some hymns but overall they are all the same.  A bunch of teary eyed mourners in an uncomfortable setting where nobody really knows what to say.  Not my funeral.  My funeral will be different.  Instead of mourning the loss of me, it will be a celebration of my life.  I've talked with my husband at length about this and he knows my wishes.  To start, I will be buried in my pajamas.  If I'm going to the eternal sleep, I want to be comfortable.  I want everyone at my funeral to have good memories of me by experiencing the things I love.  There will be readings but at least one will be from the great Dr. Seuss.  There will be music but we're not talking hymns, we're talking Green Day.  Instead of debating on whether they are obligated to come, I want people to not want to leave.  I want there to be cotton candy and snow cones.  Oooo and an airbrush tattoo artist.  I have yet to figure out how to get the skeeball machine to spit out memorial prayer cards instead of tickets, but I'm working on it.  There should be goodie bags for all who attend.  Take away something more than wadded up, used tissues.  When I die I want people to say "Woo hoo!  Bring on the funeral!"  Planning ahead is key.  Some people may think its gruesome, but I think that if deceased people could rate their funerals from the great beyond most would probably be a bit let down.  I don't want to have regrets from the other side.  I want people to have fun.  I want to give people something to talk about.  I want to be a scandelous rebel - even in death.


  1. You're so awesome! I love the idea of being buried in your jammies. hehe

  2. You got it! Love this strategy! My kids know that they have to start digging a big hole as soon as i'm dead because i'm going to be buried in my jeep! It should be a party!

  3. I personally like the dr. seuss readings. I would be honored to perform such great works at your funeral. :-)