Monday, April 30, 2012

The Resignation

I did it!  I officially resigned from my job!
Oh and here was my resignation letter -

I don’t know how to say this, I don’t know how it’s done
But I’m concerned I’ve run my course, this job just isn’t fun 

It was one time way in the past a ministry I thought
But now it’s become frustrating – a ministry it’s not

And so I go in hopes of finding more out there for me
It won’t be hard to fill the office spot I bet you’ll see

I’m giving you my notice, two weeks until I’m done
I want the church to know at times it really was quite fun

But lately things are tough with those overstepping the lines
And venturing to tasks not theirs, to tell the truth they’re mine

As well as folks who volunteered deciding that they’re through
So I’ve been told their jobs fall to me which is not fair if true

And so it is with a sad heart you will not see my name
On the back of the bulletin anymore, the job just isn’t the same

As it was when I started long ago, way back when
So I will be no longer here officially as of May 10

I will miss some of you and wish you well along your way
But due to certain instances I can no longer stay

So good-bye, farewell, see you around and all those other things
It feels so good to finally be spreading out my wings

I feel bad even as I type this and am really on my way out
But before I leave I just have to say I will not miss the Scouts

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