Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Are My BFFNBISYAFRFNRR (Best Friend For Now Because I Sent You A Friend Request For No Real Reason)

I have friends.  Facebook friends.  I am quite picky when it comes to this aspect of my virtual existence.  These are the people who have had some impact in some way however large or small on my life.  What I don't understand are some of the people who send me friend requests.  What are they thinking?  I am not going to give you access to all my personal information, pictures, thoughts, hopes and dreams just because you clicked on my name.  Don't get me wrong.  I have made a few friends through facebook that I consider soul sisters, but I have also added a few crazies to boot.  Some of my favorite catagories include:

"Collectors" - These people will send a friend request to anyone.  They have no idea who you are and they don't care.  As long as their friend count is in the thousands, they are happy.  Quantity, not quality.

"Commentators" - These folks seem innocent enough but they lurk in the background waiting, just waiting for you to change your status then - bing - new comment.  And the comments are often their way of redirecting any emotion evoked by your status to them.  They are the one-uppers of the social networking world.   

"Defendants" - These people get personally upset when you ask them why they have sent you a friend request.  Hey buddy, who approached who here?

"Non-Commitals" - These are people who send you a friend request just to end up dropping you in a few days.  Hello.  Why did you send me a friend request in the first place? 

"Refrienders" - Those who then send you another friend request in the future not realizing that they have already lowered your self-esteem by lowering your friend count.  Thanks for that.

"Friends by Osmosis" - When you make a new friend and immediately get bombarded with friend requests from all of their friends.  We have one friend in common.  Quick.  Let's be pals. 

Can you imagine if we acted like this in real life?  We'd be back on the third grade school yard.  I'm your best friend.  I hate you.  No, I love you.  You're not my friend anymore.  I guess some people never outgrow that method of thinking.  And the trust it takes to just friend someone you don't even know.  Call me too cautious but I just can't do it.  I value my privacy and will continue to routinely inquire about the validity of the requests and purge my friend list often.  Making new friends can be a rewarding experience but in today's virtual world you have to be safe rather than sorry. You never know what kind of nuts you'll find out there.  You found me didn't you :)

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